Yoga Garden Paris
Yoga Garden Paris
Yoga Garden Paris

Yoga Garden

For the first three mornings of the “Revive & Thrive” experiential retreat we shall have the pleasure of practising yoga in a quiet, natural light-filled environment, that is dedicated only for us and just a few minutes away from the stunning Luxembourg Gardens.

The stunning bamboo-floored space with sunny relaxation areas and two practice rooms, surrounds a gloriously peaceful interior garden. Within this wonderful environment you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the following practices:

Traditional practices at Yoga Garden

Traditional practices: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & YinYang OR Hot Yoga, Hot 26, Hot Hatha, Hot Flow, Hot YinYang. Also, you shall have the option to work with our fitness team. To enjoy a workout or run, tailored to your specific needs or within a group should you prefer.

Our morning exercise practices are essentially an opportunity for you to either try something new or maintain your daily exercise routine.

Then on the last morning of the Revive & Thrive experiential retreat, our teacher and coaches will join us, to practice yoga within an extraordinary wooded park, amongst nature! Inside or outside, we have two exceptionally wonderful spaces in which to enjoy our last day together before we take a break for a healthy breakfast!